Democratizing 3D Data

- one scan at a time

Who we are

We are Lux Modus. A remote sensing technology company focused on democratizing the collection of 3D data for the world.

By lowering equipment costs and eliminating the need for advanced software and specialized training, we are bringing accurate, high resolution 3D scanning technology to the masses.

Our technology is used by survey companies, field data collectors and any person interested in modeling their world. Our customers create 3D models of infrastructure, neighbourhoods, cities, and country roads.  Lux Modus is for people who want to map the world around in 3D, but without the cost and headache of traditional mapping technology.

Our Motto: Seeing is believing! says it all.  Once our customers, and their customers, see the world around them in 3D, they can't go back to 2D maps or drawings.


Our Business

Working with customers and industry experts, we built Lux Modus around the idea of an easy to use and low cost remote sensing platform.  We rent, lease and sell our all-in-one kit to customers and who collect their own data or leverage existing partnerships to get data collected.

Our automated cloud processing technology allows users to simply drag and drop their collected data files to our cloud and we take care of the rest. Within minutes, customers get an email notification letting them know their data is ready for viewing in our LuxCloud dashboard.  Customers then select the LiDAR and imagery datasets they wish to purchase and the data is then finalized and ready for download. No special software or training is required to get 3D in your hands. Additional valued added 3D modeling and feature extractions services are also available.


This is the democratization of 3D data!

The Key Benefits of Lux Modus:

Low cost - Only pay for what you use, predictable cost, no software or training and no long-term investment in expensive equipment or software.


Rapid mapping - our all in one box system can be set up 5 - 10 minutes.


No geospatial expertise required - 5 minutes of training is all you need to operate our system.


Auto post-processing for immediate viewing with a browser.  Again, no additional software required!


Richness of data - High density LIDAR and high resolution imagery all in one platform.  Point cloud colourization and ambient IR attribution is also available.