Creating the Digital Pipeline

Built by Pipeliners for Pipeliners, Lux Modus is the marriage of autonomous vehicle technology with pipeline industry experience.

Lux Modus was created to democratize 3D modeling, starting with pipeline projects.  Our teams' experience in infrastructure and pipeline design and construction and combined to build a company that could provide low cost, rapid mapping to pipelines.

Our hardware platform (LuxGear) is used to scan the pipeline Right-of-Way during the various stages of construction to create the Digital Pipeline.  This detailed, data rich 3D model forms the basis and anchor point for the Pipeline Digital Twin.

Our LuxCloud data processing ecosystem rapidly turns your scans into 3D colourized point clouds, high resolution imagery, and 3D GIS/CAD products for use in your enterprise systems.

Uploading your scans at the end of every day ensures that you data is ready for you the next morning before you head to the RoW.  Whether in the field or in the office, this overnight processing empowers team members to monitor, track and take corrective action on a daily basis.

​Our system is easy to use and requires only minutes of training.  There is no software to buy and anyone can become a Lux Modus Certified User.

Benefits Lux Modus for Pipelines:

Our rapid mapping and automated post-processing allow customers to view 3D data the same day.  This enables corrective action in the field, instant reporting and better decision making overall.

Automated classification and feature extraction enable instant pipeline centreline mapping.

As a per meter mapping service, Lux Modus ensures a predictable cost for centreline mapping, attribution and validation.

Quick and easy to use, Lux Modus requires no special training and is proven to not disrupt operations or logistics on the RoW.