Transmission Lines and Corridors

The transmission and power line industry has been leveraging LiDAR and imagery for surveillance, inspection and vegetation monitoring for over a decade.  However, weather and access (because of aerial permitting) continue to plague the industry. Further the cost and scheduling issues of UAV collection and manual techniques continue to be a barrier to the full adoption of rapid 3D modeling of corridors.

Lux Modus is breaking down those barriers by reducing costs, and increasing the flexibility of collection methods and schedules.  Our pay as you go LiDAR as a Service model and the democratized approach to technology allows our partners and customers to collect LiDAR and imagery where is was cost prohibitive before.

Our 3D mapping technology is also ideal for route planning and engineering.  Being a mobile mapping system, our LuxGear platform can be mounted on any type of land vehicle, ensuring data collection in rough terrain and urban areas.  LuxGear is particularly well suited for populated and congested areas where drones many not be permitted, high flying aircraft would have poor collection visibility, and traditional manual mapping is too expensive. 

To learn more about how you can leverage Lux Modus to rapidly map your corridors and see your results with in minutes of upload contact us here.

Benefits Of Lux Modus for Transmission Line and Corridor Mapping:

The low cost and pay-as-you-go model of Lux Modus makes corridor mapping more affordable.

As Lux Modus can be used in any weather, it is much more flexible when it comes to scheduling a collection.

Because it is vehicle mounted, Lux Modus is much more versatile when it comes accessing hard to cover areas, such in built-up areas or near airports which can not easily be accessed by UAVs.